Tips For Moving In The Middle Of The School Year

Summer is the most popular moving season because it is easier to move kids between schools when no class time will be lost. However, new employment or other circumstances are sometimes less than ideal, which means moving in the middle of the school year instead. If you are facing a midyear move, follow these tips to help the move go more smoothly. 

1. Use a professional moving company to help save time.

In order to move without help, most people have to plan moves for the weekend so they have less disruption from work. If you hire a moving company, however, all you have to worry about is moving your family and getting your kids settled in before a new school and work week begins. Your movers can bring everything to you on the day you desire, which gives you time to help your family make the adjustment without you having to worry about loading a moving truck. 

2. Call teachers and schools long before the move.

Speak with a representative from the school district so you can hit the ground running when you move. You can have bell and bus times spelled out so that your transition into your new home is not as stressful. You can even learn teachers' names and get class curriculums ahead of time to help your children make the switch.

3. Consider using moving storage.

If you need to focus on settling into your new community, you might opt to use temporary storage for your belongings. Have your movers deliver your items to a storage unit so that you aren't buried in boxes when you're also trying to get into your new schedule. You could have your furniture delivered at your home, but then you could slowly empty your storage unit on the weekends so that your weeks are free and your house is uncluttered as you get your life in order. 

4. Make sure your kids have the resources they need. 

Moving is challenging for children, especially midyear. They might need extra support. Contact school guidance counselors to learn about what resources are available for providing emotional support for children. See if there are any peer support families registered with your school district. 

5. Let your kids participate in moving activities.

To help the transition to a new school and home, let your children weigh in on some decisions. Let them help you pack and label boxes. Tell your movers to leave the kids' new rooms empty of boxes so you can paint them a fun new color as a way to help your kids get excited about a new house. You can also help your kids feel more comfortable with the new neighborhood by taking them on walks when you first get there so they can get familiar with the street names and house numbers, especially if they will be walking to school. 

6. Sign up for new community notifications, or ask your movers for advice.

If you are moving with a local company, they might have suggestions for new community members, such as when the farmer's market is or what community services are available for new families. If you spend time online, you can look for local events on community social media pages that can help you integrate into a new community. Local moving companies know the area and have a lot of experience helping families move into their homes. 

Moving in the middle of the school year can be tough for all members of the family.  With the help of a professional moving company, you can make the transition as smooth as possible. 

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