Packing Tips for Residential and Office Moves

If you are moving your family to a new house, packing things well will be the difference between everything arriving safely or losing things to breakage.

Once things start bouncing around in your moving truck, items packed in boxes often shift. This ultimately ends up with things becoming broken or damaged. To avoid this fate, there are many things you can do during the packing stage to ensure your belongings make it to their new location damage-free, including:

Processing All Liquids for Safe Travel

Moving liquid items is one common way things get damaged during both residential and commercial moves. Liquids slosh around, containers leak, and elevation changes affect the structural integrity of plastic bottles.

The easiest way to avoid damage from leaked liquids is to not move them in the first place. As soon as you know you are moving your business or your home, start using up anything that could potentially make a mess along the way, such as:

  • Laundry detergent, bleach, and other cleaning fluids

  • Oil, radiator fluid, and other automotive liquids

  • Gas and oil in lawn mowers, air compressors, and other tools

  • Pickles, olives, and condiments in your refrigerator

Also, if your barbecue uses liquid propane gas, then cook up the meat in your freezer to use up both the excess food and gas before moving.

Wrapping All Drawers with Plastic Wrap

If you don't want to go through all of the extra work involved in packing the contents of all of your desk drawers, file cabinets, and other drawers into moving boxes, then you can keep everything in place by wrapping each drawer with plastic wrap.

If the drawers have too much empty space at the top, then place a towel or t-shirt on top of the contents before wrapping them with the plastic.

Always Packing Like Things Together in Each Box

Another way things break in transit is when heavier items are packed with lighter items. For example, packing your heavy professional certification books from your desk with the small items sitting on your shelf. Even if you wrap the smaller items in bubble wrap and put them on top of the books, the heavy books will invariably shift around while the moving van is bouncing down the road and things will be broken.

When packing each box, avoid this type of damage by making sure the items you put into it are similar in both their size and weight.

Finally, half-filled boxes often crush when stacked below heavier boxes. To avoid this, make sure you completely fill each box.

If you have any questions on how to pack something, contact a local moving service.

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